What We Do

The personal manager is undoubtedly the single most important member of your professional team. You, as the talent, are a corporation and your manager is the CEO of that corporation. Your manager can double as you. Managers help to develop your craft and create opportunities. More importantly, your manager is an advocate in meetings with record labels, agents, and lawyers.

Managers engage and disengage with agents, labels and lawyers on your behalf.‚Äč

As your manager we will represent you with labels, publishers, TV networks, P.R. firms, and production companies.


  • Develop your career

  • Create revenue streams

  • Set up meetings with lawyers, labels, producers, business managers, and publishers

  • Establish web sites and create social media campaigns

  • Copyright your material

  • Read scripts

  • Work directly with booking agencies

  • Create, facilitate and oversee the negotiation of deals

  • Introduce you to the public in all aspects of media including, print, radio, web and television

  • Provide a stylist and image consulting

  • Consult with photographers and videographers for your reel/music videos